First Surgery Anniversary, Car Battery, Boating…

Today marks the first anniversary of my one and only lifetime surgery.  It was exactly 30 June last year when I lost my … thyroid (in addition to two parathyroid glands with adenomas).

It was then, too, when I realized the importance of  Ludy’s friendship.  She drove me to and from the hospital, and never left my side.  How can I forget this?  The surgery took longer than expected because one of the two glands had decided that she did not want to be removed since she was very comfortable there (they are feminine in Spanish – la glándula).  But the surgeon was bent on getting her out, and he found her hiding behind the esophagus. (He is Peruvian, so he knew how to convince her).  Then, when we got back home, a time about which I have the vaguest recollection because of the extra anesthesia, Valerie had already taken care of Guido’s meals.  I woke up the following morning not knowing exactly where I was.  Even now I occasionally don’t know where I am… without the anesthesia.

For some strange reason, and maybe because she was jealous, Tara, my loyal 1955 Infiniti G20, died.  I had noticed yesterday, as I got out of Guido’s car, that the back door of mine seemed not to be closed all the way. Indeed, it was so, and I had not used the car in about at least three weeks.  How I happened to notice it yesterday I don’t know.  Maybe it was because Guido had to bring the two recycling bins indoors and he had opened both garage doors and there was more light than usual.  No matter what, the battery was very much dead, kaput, gone…

This morning, Guido called AAA and they came very fast, as they usually do.  Naturally, they had to replace the battery.  It could not be resuscitated, but since last year they had to rescue me from the parking lot of Whole Foods and put a new battery, it was still under warranty, so there was no charge.  Not that it mattered too much at this stage in our economic affairs, but every little drop helps.

Later, we had one of our guardian angels descending to bring us our dinner (with desert included, as usual), and whose name I am not allowed to divulge.  Thank you, angel R!

Tomorrow Guido is going with Dr. Goodman and his young music student friend, Elliott, to spend the day at Water Music, our Grand Banks 32, in the Chesapeake Bay.  This is another reason I wanted the car battery revived.  As I shall be by myself, I need to have a means of “escape” if necessary.  Weekends are no good.  Some friends disappear, and I don’t have much contact with the neighbors.  I can rely on them in case of dire need, but not for small matters, even if they constantly offer to help.  And my truly reliable friend, Ludy, went to Colombia for three weeks to visit her family.

I am extremely grateful to Guido’s boating friends for keeping him company.  I cannot go yet, and he finds solace and spiritual and body healing in the boat.  It makes me feel better too.  And now he got the Maryland flag, the Italian flag directly from Italy, and finally the Argentine flag with the sun is on its way. It was the hardest to get!  Our boat is very multicultural, and we are proud of it.  Naturally, it has to have the US flag in the back.  It is mandatory…

As you have probably noticed, I refrained from mentioning my health – rather, my lack of it.  Repeating what I have already said is boring, even to me!  Nothing has changed in one day, naturally, although many call and expect immediate change.  Sorry – I cannot give you that!  I have just started today taking the new higher thyroid medication dosage.  The results of the tests will not be in for another week, and I still have two more to do. You will have to join me in being patient –what a very suitable word!


About martisima

After over 50 years of teaching literature to undergraduate and graduate students, I feel I have earned my retirement (it happened when I was 72, five years ago). I do miss the classroom, however, but not the meetings and all other requirements of the profession. I love teaching, and wish I could still do it. But now I read for pleasure, and watch films, and listen to all kinds of music (no TV, though). I love to travel, and hope I can resume doing it soon. I need to get over my health issues caused by thyroid surgery three years ago!
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5 Responses to First Surgery Anniversary, Car Battery, Boating…

  1. Anna Amato says:

    Wow – I do understand the feeling of ‘having’ to have that vehicle to depend on. I too have to have a means of escape especially if I suddenly ‘have’ to be around people. I’m alone most of the time but when my only friend in this area is gone for the weekend it is when I feel the most alone/needy…fill in the words. When my car broke and I was dependent on people it was very difficult for me. I hate to ask anybody for anything. On the newer cars the batteries give you no warning and show no mercy – which is something I learned the hard way in Florida – twice!
    I’m happy that Guido is having time with his friends and I’m happy that you’re finding it in you to deal with this. I mean the car of course. ;o) I won $4.00 on a scratch off lottery ticket and was so excited the young’un behind the counter was laughing. Every little bit! I pick up books tomorrow for Tax Courses but I will be thinking of you.

  2. martisima says:

    My dear Anna — You are indeed very supportive! I can’t believe I met you just recently, and even then through Facebook! We have to thank Daniel Silva and his latest book for having brought us together. We seem to be kindred spirits, even though you are in New Jersey, and I am “stuck” here in a Washington suburb…

    Thanks so very much! And congratulations on having won $4.00 on a scratch off lottery ticket. I know I would have reacted the same way you did…

  3. martisima says:

    P.S. Anna, have you read Aimee Bender’s novels? They seem highly unusual, and got excellent reviews. I saw her name in the list of Best Sellers from The New York Times when I wen to check on Silva’s latest, which is now #1. I have ordered Willful Creatures, An Invisible Sign of My Own: A Novel , and The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake: A Novel. I expect to get them on Tuesday, but I have a few others to finish before. Good to have a waiting “pile” of books!

  4. Rosana Francescato says:

    Off to the solarthon now, so will have to call tomorrow!

  5. martisima says:

    Good luck! We’ll be here tomorrow, unless we decide to go dancing, a movie, and dinner at a fancy restaurant 😉

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