Musings on a Saturday Evening

It is over! Finally! No more Christmas carols on the radio. Good thing I don’t go to any store. I would hear those carols all the time.  Not that they bother me. I would not mind to hear them occasionally, but when it goes on non stop it becomes quite a nuisance! Besides, there are many others from different countries that I never hear. Oh, well.  And tomorrow it is … shopping!  Redeeming gift certificates, returning and exchanging gifts – whatever.  Consumerism at its worst!  What the holidays have become – all of them.

We watched Fellini’s 81/2 for the umptieth time.  Guido had got it on a Blu-ray DVD. It was spectacular!  I was enthralled, and some scenes made me gasp in admiration of the setting, the acting, Marcello…  When will there be directors of the stature of Fellini, Antonioni, (early) Bertolucci?  Even the latest Woody Allen and Almodovar are weak, nothing like the first ones. Fortunately, we still have some of the Coen brothers.

I have received lots of chocolate, and it will last for some time, even when I am eating some every day, and so is Guido.  I have also been the fortunate recipient of dinners and food of every kind from the best stores in the area. Thanks, R, Ludy, Anna, Tere!

As I said, I have fired all doctors and now pay more attention to the people in the Yahoo Thyroidless group.  Doctors do not like to hear about them, but it is their experience that counts more than what the doctors have learned in dull and outdated textbooks. I am taking iron, multi probiotics, Vitamin D3, getting B12 injections weekly.  This should all help. I am now waiting for the latest shipment of natural thyroid from Canada, which everyone says is the best.  The chemical Synthroid has T4 only, whereas the natural thyroid has both T4 and T3. Much better, especially for people like us, who no longer have a thyroid.

I may feel somewhat better soon. I hope I do, and I am really trying hard.  Please understand that when you invite us over it makes me feel bad because we have to decline the invitation. It also upsets me, and I turn to another site I usually visit called “But you don’t look sick.” When a neighbor came by the other day she looked at me and said that.  I should have replied with one of the ten answers I had posted some time ago.  I don’t answer when they tell me that. I just look at them and say nothing.  They do not understand and they never will. Some are like that.  If I depend on others even for the grocery shopping, how could I go to someone’s place for a party, or even for dinner, or lunch, or coffee, or – nothing? As someone in the group said, “I wish I had a gaping wound that people can see.”

Once again, Facebook has helped me track a couple of friends from Urbana. They had the party for us when we became citizens, and we even met with them in Paris once they had left Urbana.  But then we went our separate ways.  They are in Providence now. I found Rosamaria in Facebook, and she updated me about her and Franco, and about her daughters. And… they are both in San Francisco now!  They are somewhat younger than ours, but they were very glad to get together for dinner recently.  Another happy ending, thanks to Facebook.  In the meantime, as I was on a roll, I found about eleven others form that time, and we are corresponding again, filling all gaps.

In spite of the iron and all the vitamins, I am beginning to feel tired. I made a great dinner today – roast quails with patate alla triestina.  We had pear tart imported from France by Trader Joe’s, which Ludy had remembered I had mentioned to her, and which she dutifully bought and brought yesterday. Guido did not peel the potatoes, as he usually does. I did not let him. He is also very tired, but he did wash all the pans.

Back to normal daily activities now!  And I need to double check my order from Safeway by 11:00PM, as they are delivering it tomorrow between 1:00 and 3:00PM.

Good night, and good luck!


About martisima

After over 50 years of teaching literature to undergraduate and graduate students, I feel I have earned my retirement (it happened when I was 72, five years ago). I do miss the classroom, however, but not the meetings and all other requirements of the profession. I love teaching, and wish I could still do it. But now I read for pleasure, and watch films, and listen to all kinds of music (no TV, though). I love to travel, and hope I can resume doing it soon. I need to get over my health issues caused by thyroid surgery three years ago!
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7 Responses to Musings on a Saturday Evening

  1. Anna Amato says:

    I love Facebook for the very same reason; I even sent Mark Zuckerberg a thank you. Some people, men especially, communicate using sports; my family uses Facebook and Farmville. I know, I know but if it opens some formerly closed doors I’ll take it! I’m thrilled that you fired the doctors. I too am taking massive doses of D3 which is helping tremendously. I started taking 1 pill of 50,000 units once a week about 16 weeks ago. After 12 weeks it’s down to 1 pill every 10 days and I’m not exhausted.
    I have to agree about the Coen brothers also. We were lucky to have seen Fellini and all the others you mentioned.

  2. Christmas is really getting annoying! It’s great for children, but I just don’t see the point anymore. Sorry about all those people who don’t think you look sick. I guess people just expect sick people to look a certain way. I’m glad you have the Internet for all the information you’re getting–hope it helps!

  3. martisima says:

    Thanks so much, dear Anna! You are always here to eupport me, and I truly appreciate it!

  4. martisima says:

    Sorry – I meant “Support” — It is getting late and I am tired…

  5. martisima says:

    Yes — Christmas has become hectic in every sense, and it is very annoying. I am relieved it is over! It seems to be about presents and more presents, and we all fall for it. But — I really like to give something to all the people who help me, and they are mostly the staff at doctors’ offices and the workers at grocery stores and pharmacy, and the service guy at Infinity, and the mailman, and the garbage guys, and the UPS driver……

  6. John B. Parrish says:

    I like it when guys pitch in. Although Guido has his medical/physical issues as well, it seems to me that he is trying to help as much as he can, such as washing pans (which I detest for 1001 reasons).

  7. martisima says:

    I also like when guys pitch in, and Guido did a lot when the girls were small and he was in good health. Why do you detest washing pans? Well, I shouldn’t ask, as you say it is for 1001 reasons. Guido does them very thoroughly, and it takes a long time. But that’s the way he is — meticulous. I am the opposite — quite impatient!

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