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Reading, Dreaming, Weeping, Bitching … Two Years A.S. (After Surgery)

TWO years have passed; two summers, with the length Of two long winters! and still I lie in bed with no relief in sight. The day is come when I do still repose Here, in this dark room, and view … Continue reading

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Test Results and More Doctors and Lost Friends and No Travel nor Dining Out…

Crazy weather, and it is only July.  Almost tropical.  Huge storms with thunder and lightening for a while, then the sun comes out.  And it is not always in the evening. It can happen during the night (and waking us … Continue reading

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Dominique Strauss-Kahn: What This Case Tells Us About American Europhobia

Another excellent article from The Telegraph which finally dwells on an issue not discussed yet. It is quite true. I know quite a few Europhobes, but even more, Francophobes.  I think that they are actually jealous! Saturday 2 July 2011 … Continue reading

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Why Thin People Don’t Drink Diet Coke

As I am very tired, and weak, and angry at the world and doctors, I thought I’d post this for those who are still in the dark about it, or who don’t want to admit it. From The Telegraph, UK … Continue reading

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