Doctors … and Two Thoughts.

I managed to get up and go to see Dr. Pennington this afternoon.  He thinks the cyst in my hand may need surgery in the future, as it is affecting the tendon.  He didn’t think my diastolic blood pressure was too low – I do, but he may know better (it was in the 50s when he took it; when the nurse took it it was 41; the systolic is in the high 20s, which is fine).  On the mono and the PTH he was in disagreement with Dr. Sivieri’s diagnosis.  What to do now?

My idea of a possible solution:  I sent an email to Dr. Sivieri (as he is the younger one) and explained what was happening.  I told him that I went to see Dr. Pennington today for my blood pressure and a cyst in my hand, and also to discuss the results of the tests, and that Dr P doesn’t seem convinced that what I have is reactivated mono.

I explained to him that this is a very difficult situation for me, as Dr. P is our pcp, and we need to trust him.  However, I also want to trust Dr S.  So, I asked him if a phone consultation with Dr P would be possible, so that they could both discuss what’s going on and why they have different perspectives.  I emphasized that I know doctors are somewhat reluctant about this, but it is precisely the only way to deal with a “shared” patient – through consultation.

We’ll see now what he replies. That has always been the case with doctors. When Guido was so sick, he had about nine different doctors seeing him (some at Johns Hopkins Hospital and others at the Mayo Clinic, besides all the individual ones). They never communicated with one another.  How is this possible?  Do they think they are gods or royalty and cannot talk to their peers?  Or — it may be for fear of finding out they are not as good as they think…

I am curious to see if he answers my email and what he says. I’ll post it here too.

– – – –

I put these two “thoughts” in my Facebook profile.  I got them from other friends there.  They express my sentiments too.  Strange (and funny) that they are in Italian and French — nothing similar in English…

*  Tieniti strette quelle persone che riescono a renderti le giornate migliori, quelle che ti strappano un sorriso non appena ti è scesa una lacrima. Quelle persone che riescono a capire quando hai bisogno di parole o di silenzio, tieniti strette quelle uniche persone che non ti dicono mille volte quanto tengono a te, ma lo farebbero ogni qualvolta tu lo chiedessi e quando ne hai più bisogno.


* On dit que les bons amis peuvent passer de longues périodes sans se parler et sans se voir, sans jamais mettre en doute leur amitié. Quand ils se voient, ils se mettent à jour comme s’ils s’étaient vu la veille, sans considérer le temps passé et combien ils ont été éloignés. Si tu as ce genre d’amis, copie cette phrase sur ton mur : ils se reconnaîtront.


About martisima

After over 50 years of teaching literature to undergraduate and graduate students, I feel I have earned my retirement (it happened when I was 72, five years ago). I do miss the classroom, however, but not the meetings and all other requirements of the profession. I love teaching, and wish I could still do it. But now I read for pleasure, and watch films, and listen to all kinds of music (no TV, though). I love to travel, and hope I can resume doing it soon. I need to get over my health issues caused by thyroid surgery three years ago!
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8 Responses to Doctors … and Two Thoughts.

  1. Leopoldo says:

    Estimada Martha: Si hay una profesion en que creen saber mucho pero en realidad todavia estan en paniales, es la de los curanderos (hoy denominada medicina)! Desde el tiempo de la cataplasma y las ventosas hasta la actualidad se avanzo una barbaridad… en electronica! Ha sido todo lo referente a alta tecnologia lo que ha permitido el avance en el arte de curar… y los quimicos y bioquimicos que la utilizan en sus investigaciones. Los medicos, meros practitioner de las tecnicas derivadas de dichas investigaciones, necesitarian dedicarse mas a sus pacientes y a leer los resultados de las investigaciones y avances en sus especialidades respectivas… pero esta el golf, la playa, la plata facil, etc. que les impide tanta dedicacion. Cuando uno encuentra uno que es realmente serio y dedicado a su profesion, resulta mucha veces que no te puede dar consulta por los proximos 12 meses! Aqui al medico, segun su titulo, se lo denomina “doctor”; peor es en algunos paises adonde reciben un titulo de medico y se hacen llamar “doctores” sin contar con el titulo correspondiente (caso de Argentina adonde para recibirte como Doctor en Medicina y Sirugia necesitas seguir estudios de postgrado y defender una tesis). Sin embargo, hay en esto una ventaja, al “falso” titulo se le paga menos y ademas, se lo consigue barato y en menos tiempo!
    Firma: Uno desilucionado con los medicos (profesionales cada vez menos serios) y la medicina (arte cada vez mas materializada).

    • martisima says:

      Tenés mucha razón, Leopoldo. Es triste y al mismo tiempo terrible. Qué podemos hacer? Me dice un mediquito que me fije cuándo nací, o sea, a esta edad tengo que aceptar los problemas. Por qué, digo yo? 77 añitos no es vejez!!!! Necesitamos volver a las cataplasmas que sí servían de algo!

  2. Anna Amato says:

    Please let us know what, if anything, he responds. I do think some doctors have god complexes – god forbid they should admit they don’t know everything and that two heads may be better than one – and I’m not at all certain that b/p was good. Eat chocolate, drink wine, get annoyed at Peapod but raise that number- by the way that sliced Boar’s Head Picante Provolone is very good – a must try!

    • martisima says:

      Nothing so far… So I need to try sliced Boar’s Head Picante Provolone? I don’t know about that. I love wild boar sausage and bacon, though…

      Thanks for the heads up!!!

  3. Poetesswug says:

    Hello, Poetesswug here…or as you may know me better…owner of Wuglyees on Etsy 🙂 I found your blog….I think you may be right about doctors and their views on their importance, but at the same time what is our recourse?! Sitting in a room waiting to see what happens?!…Guessing?!…Worrying and fretting until we’re dead from it?! LOL Soooo….to the doctors we go! And ‘hope for the best!’ ha! ha! I’m gonna hope for the best for you. The best being that your doctor returns your email after consulting with your other doctor and coming up with a solution all of you can live with!….Yeah….hoping!

  4. martisima says:

    Yes, Poetesswug. I know who you are. I can’t believe that you went snooping and found me…It must be that your friendship with writers like Donna Carrik has influenced you, and you have become a detective.

    Best? I don’t know what that is. Doctors? Wish they were better. Hope? Maybe.

    Thanks so much!!!!

  5. Kathleen McLaughlin says:

    The old term God-Complex equates to Narcisisstic Personality Disorder. Narcisisstic doctors? Heavens, no! Egotistical? Not a chance! All of the above? Absolutely! A doctor tried to equate the pain in his hand to the pain in my entire body. I told him to not dare talk to me about pain until he’s capable of giving birth to a child. And I give birth everyday. ~Kat~

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