Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

End of the day, end of the weekend, end of the festivities.  No complaining here because we were by ourselves – just the two of us, but we are together.  We also had some guardian angels watching over us.  In addition to all the messages, we had visitors.

First, our very old friends from the university (of Illinois, naturally, from 1957), Tere and Dick, came bearing a true feast – salmon, black beans, rice, bread, salad, and two fruit tarts – enough for two days!

Then, Ludy arrived with her sister, her brother-in-law, and her nephew. It was like being with our family, and it made up for not having any around. They brought chocolates, of course, and Esperanza sent us a Spanish tortilla de patatas (potato omelet?) Lovely!!!

After dinner, we decided to celebrate in style by watching “Midnight in Paris.”  It is a fabulous film, where Woody Allen is back to his genius self!  Besides, seeing Paris brought back many good memories of all the times we were there. It is one of our favorite cities, and we understand why the main character wants to stay there forever and not come back here Does this make me a “Euro snob”? If so, then I am one. I have earned this title, and I am proud of it! 😉

Today it was our friends Anna and Loreto’s turn to provide another sumptuous meal. This one, consisting of arancini (rice balls), home made sausage, pasta, shrimp, cod fritters, potato croquettes, plus almond cake, babas au rhum, nougat, and a bottle of Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, made our holidays memorable for many days!

We also received a box of my favorite pears from another guardian angel who doesn’t want his name to be published.  And a neighbor from across the street surprised us with a lovely gift.  Thanks to all my dear friends!

Some friends invite us out or for dinner, and they mean well, I want to believe.  But we cannot go out. Yes, I did it twice, on very special occasions.  I would if I could… But – I cannot!!!  That’s why when they come and bring us meals it is doubly appreciated. And we are very lucky that some friends still do.


On Tuesday I talked to Dr. Pennington regarding the recommendations for doctors I had received from my Facebook (and also very real) friends David Bishop and Jody Madden from Augusta, Georgia (sorry – I placed them in Florida before -unforgivable! 😉  Dr. P would not go to the trouble of calling one of the specialists for me. He told me to call first, and if I could not get an appointment until March, to let him know.  I called, and, as I had anticipated, there was no appointment until … July!  I then passed on the info to Dr. P, and he said he’d call.  He told me he was very busy because his three partners in the office are Jewish, and they had been off for Hanukkah.  He had to hold the fort on his own, so he is taking all of next week off.  This of course means that who knows when he’ll be able to help, if he calls the doctor.  So, I am left without having another consultation.  There is another doctor who was also recommended because she is an academic M.D., but I read about her research, and she says the opposite about thyroid medication of what the books I have been reading say.  And she came to this conclusion after having led a four-year study of Georgetown patients – 37 women and 13 men, ages 18 to 65.  I don’t consider this study valid, given the low number of patients involved…

Guess I’ll have to continue with Dr. S and wait until he finds the right dosage. He also found some problems with my brain chemistry, but they are treatable. Every time they look for something else they find it, naturally!  He had Guido tested for Lyme disease and it was inconclusive (same as my test for mono). He still gave Guido medication for it. Fortunately, he prescribes mainly natural supplements. But it is not easy to get appointments with him. He bragged that he has 4,000 patients. That doesn’t help us.  Any good doctors out there? Unless I am using an oxymoron… 😉

I have not written much here lately. I get tired easily and have little energy. Thank goodness for my Kindle (and for the new topnotch writers I am “discovering” these days, such as David Bishop, among others —  don’t miss his novels!); for my “squeeze box”, which allows me to listen to music while lying down – there must be hundreds of CDs there that Guido has downloaded, and I can choose among all kinds – from bossa nova to jazz to country to Cuban to tango to folklore to opera (but if I hit “Bach” it is endless!); and numerous films I have on DVD, either that I bought or from Netflix.  It is not bad, but it is demoralizing and I am very frustrated.  I still want to be optimistic and we talk about our next trip to Italy (more Euro snobbery? NO – it is reality.)  We were discussing food with our guests yesterday – you’d think that we are fat, but we are simply spoiled by the taste of fruit — mainly – and tomatoes from our countries. We agreed that almost nothing in terms of fruit and vegetables tastes good here. Everything looks perfect, though. And we know about appearances, don’t we?  Oh, well, we cannot have it all…

Let’s hope that I can now dream of Paris and Italy and Buenos Aires and “real” food.

Good night and good luck!


About martisima

After over 50 years of teaching literature to undergraduate and graduate students, I feel I have earned my retirement (it happened when I was 72, five years ago). I do miss the classroom, however, but not the meetings and all other requirements of the profession. I love teaching, and wish I could still do it. But now I read for pleasure, and watch films, and listen to all kinds of music (no TV, though). I love to travel, and hope I can resume doing it soon. I need to get over my health issues caused by thyroid surgery three years ago!
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8 Responses to Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

  1. Glad you saw that movie, it’s a good one! And that people have brought you food.

    You can like another place without that making you a snob. And FYI, we have good fruits and vegetables here in California. 😉

  2. martisima says:

    You may be right about having good fruit and vegetables there, my dear daughter, but they are still not the best. Sorry 😉

  3. Dearest Martisima!

    I should have stayed home like you two for now I’m suffering a Fibro Flare-up from going Zero to Sixty from Wednesday until today. The fun and joy I had from sharing times with my loved ones was worth the pain, though. I really enjoyed myself this year. I don’t know why? Maybe my expectations were realistic? My family time has become more important when I put in 12 hour days, 6 days a week? Maybe I shouldn’t wonder about it at all and just accept it for what it is. Fabulous!

    I’m so glad good people came to your house, bringing the joys of the holiday along with a vast array of food! And no, you’ll never be a ‘Euro-Snob’, but only in the nicest of ways! You have bee a world traveler, and should you be punished for it? A resounding, NO! It means you’re an educated woman with global perspective needed to write the lovely poems you write.

    My best for the year 2012! It can only get better, right? You must get well because I’m taking for a glorious ride to the top. I envision a great future and must share it with my best of friends. Your friendship has meant so much to me and your encouragement has lightened the darkest days.

    The Most Gentlest of Hugs,


  4. martisima says:

    You are very special, dear Kat! Indeed, when your book is published you’ll be at the top. And you deserve it. I am honored to be your friend and “adopted” sister.

    Let’s hope that 2012 brings peace, love, recognition, and health!

    Many, many hugs,

  5. Elli Dumont says:


    So glad to read your blog today! Sounds like a bountiful and beautiful Xmas. Friends are wonderful. I know. I hope that your president has a successful operation, BTW, and is really cured in 20 days! I send European hugs to you over the pond and I hope we can share them in person someday soon!

  6. Anna Amato says:

    I am so happy that people came to you for the holiday – I know you cannot go out to dinner so this is good – I am frustrated with your doctors but I’m frustrated with mine as well. fooey!
    I have to say that you are my favorite my Euro snob – which you are not at all!

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