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Rosana at Solarthon

Working hard and making a difference. Great!!! Proud mother… Advertisements

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R.I.P. dear Elli!!!!!

Today, Wednesday August 22, 2012, Elli passed away at the Hôpital Pompidou (75015 – Paris) We shall miss you, dear Elli Dumont!!!!! ♥ღϠ₡ღ♥♥ LOVE ♥♥ღϠ₡ღ♥ August has been a difficult month for us….

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R.I.P. Jorge Fernando Paley- 1937-2012

This was taken in 1942 when I was maybe eight (it was in the summer, January probably)and my brother six. He was always bigger even though he was younger… We shall miss you, Jorge Fernando Paley!!!!

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Friday Night Blues…

More than usual. I am no longer writing about my health, remember… This blog is for general stuff now, but today I am only writing because I am in mourning.  My poor brother died yesterday, after almost two months of … Continue reading

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No More Detailed Blogs For Now…

This is going to be IT – for now.  No more detailed blogs.  The reason should be obvious, but I may have to spell it just to make sure you understand. Why continue this charade and write that I am … Continue reading

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Facebook Friendship

How very true!!!!

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