Guido’s life in Milano – way back…

Guido just ran across this image of the building where he and his family lived in Milan:

The round window top left was Guido’s bedroom’s. You can see, by the cleaner look, where the marble cladding of the building was replaced, years after the April 25, 1945 volley of anti-aircraft projectiles had made little craters — and, of course shattered the glass behind which he and his sister had stood seconds earlier.


The galleria is at the right, as seen in this shot. Mengoni, its architect, plunged to his death from the top as he was inspecting the banner that been placed there to great King V. Emanuel II at the opening in 1868. La Scala opera house is at the other end of the galleria.


Still to the right, the Duomo (Milan’s Cathedral), visible in this other image (corner of Guido’s
building barely visible on the left, almost obliterated from view by the former headquarters of the “Fascist Chamber of Commerce of Milan,” — everything had the ‘fascist’ moniker then).
City living to the max!  Of course, being shot at was not the most fun part of it.
Well, it’s all in the past anyway.


About martisima

After over 50 years of teaching literature to undergraduate and graduate students, I feel I have earned my retirement (it happened when I was 72, five years ago). I do miss the classroom, however, but not the meetings and all other requirements of the profession. I love teaching, and wish I could still do it. But now I read for pleasure, and watch films, and listen to all kinds of music (no TV, though). I love to travel, and hope I can resume doing it soon. I need to get over my health issues caused by thyroid surgery three years ago!
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4 Responses to Guido’s life in Milano – way back…

  1. John Brett Parrish says:

    I have always liked the energy generated by the people in Milan. When I have gone there in the past (I worked for GE and GE had several investments based in Milan), I was lifted by that energy and by the beauty and stylish attire of the people. Those of us who enjoy seeing beautiful women are never disappointed in Milan.

  2. anna says:

    beautiful – thank you for sharing these memories!

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