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Monday Musings…

Why do people make resolutions at the beginning of what is arbitrarily called a “new” year?  Who decides when a year starts? Or a week?  Or a day?  As if from one minute to the next everything will change…  Why … Continue reading

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Flash Mob Playing ‘Here Comes the Sun’ In a Spanish Unemployment Office

I’m not sure if this video is more heartbreaking or heartwarming, but it pretty well captures what’s going on in Europe’s economy right now. While the day-to-day drama of the continent’s debt crisis has subsided, painful austerity measures have helped … Continue reading

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Help Is On the Way!!!

Guido has gone to the airport to get Valerie, who is arriving today.  It makes me uneasy, as he can’t see too well at night. In fact, whenever he has had to go to concerts, Tere and Dick have come … Continue reading

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Tribute to a Friend

This is a Facebook post from Rosana. I want everyone who is not there to  read it.  I happened to see it today, as I went to her friend’s Wall (Eric Loeb) to wish him a happy birthday. Rosana had … Continue reading

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