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After over 50 years of teaching literature to undergraduate and graduate students, I feel I have earned my retirement (it happened when I was 72, five years ago). I do miss the classroom, however, but not the meetings and all other requirements of the profession. I love teaching, and wish I could still do it. But now I read for pleasure, and watch films, and listen to all kinds of music (no TV, though). I love to travel, and hope I can resume doing it soon. I need to get over my health issues caused by thyroid surgery three years ago!

Yesterday on the USS Potomac – F.D.R.’s “Floating White House”

What a treat! Valerie got tickets from a co-worker for a city lights cruise on the USS Potomac from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm.  We enjoyed every minute, and when the sun set it was quite a spectacle. It was … Continue reading

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Another Lazy Sunday in San Rafael, California

Another lazy Sunday in San Rafael, sunny California, with very blue skies and temperatures in the 60s. Where is the rain?  I am starting to miss it – but not the snow! I had very good responses to my previous … Continue reading

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Latest News…

Hello… Let me see. Where did I last stop? Now I can’t remember, and I don’t feel like going back to check. I only remember it was a long time ago. No apologies, though… I will just think out loud … Continue reading

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Latest News and Happenings -In Words and Pictures

Dear all, Once again, you’ll have to excuse me for writing a collective message to “undisclosed recipients”.  Be assured that I am thinking of all and each of you, but I do not have the stamina yet to write individual … Continue reading

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New City, New Home, New Life!

It is high time to write about our recent experience, moving from Maryland to San Rafael, California.  I am still panting and opening boxes and feeling tired from the move, but I want to start sharing our adventures.  And you’ll … Continue reading

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Guido’s Surgery and House in San Rafael and Elevators and Stairs and Earthquakes…

Good evening! Here we are, after Guido’s cataract surgery back on Tuesday. The second eye was a bit worse because the pupil had become smaller. and there is a veil now covering that eye. According to the surgeon, it will … Continue reading

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Our House – 144 Bungalow Avenue, San Rafael, CA 94901

This is a report on our house hunting.  Finally, we can disclose it!  We had not said almost anything, except to a couple of very close friends. We did not want to be overwhelmed with questions (or having it jinxed, … Continue reading

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